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Sources: 07 July 2023

Key Points from the Roundtable Discussion on Exporting New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and Charging Infrastructure to Overseas Markets:


The roundtable discussion focused on the opportunities and challenges in exporting NEVs and the charging infrastructure to global markets. With the global consensus on low-carbon sustainable development, there is a significant opportunity for NEVs as many countries have set carbon neutrality goals. However, challenges in standardization, market differences, data security, and battery safety need to be addressed.

To succeed in overseas markets, Chinese companies could adopt differentiated strategies, understand local preferences, and establish comprehensive service systems. Collaborating with local companies and forming alliances can help overcome challenges and create cost-effective solutions. The discussion emphasized the importance of focusing not only on hardware but also on backend services, mobile payment methods, and customer experience. The overall environment for NEV export presents both opportunities and challenges, making strategic planning and product quality crucial. The discussion encourages Chinese companies to adapt to different regions and collaborate with local players to thrive in the global NEV industry.

  • Global Opportunity: The global consensus on low-carbon sustainable development provides a significant opportunity for NEVs.
  • Challenges: Challenges in the charging aspect include standardization, regional market differences, data security, and environmentally friendly firefighting agents for battery fire safety. Overseas challenges involve ensuring product quality matches leading brands, understanding different user bases, and addressing charging infrastructure deficiencies and power shortages.
  • Differentiation: The key to success in overseas markets lies in differentiation, where the service experience and backend services become crucial differentiators even in the face of potential product homogenization.
  • Localized Strategies: To succeed in foreign markets, companies must understand and adapt to the unique characteristics, user preferences, and regulations in each region, emphasizing localized strategies.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration with established local companies and forming alliances are essential approaches to overcome challenges in establishing service systems and create cost-effective solutions for global expansion.


Roundtable Dialogue: How to Achieve Stable and Sustainable Growth in the Export of New Energy Vehicles [Read more (Chinese)]

“Thematic Forum: Empowering Chinese Automakers to Go Global with Electric Vehicles” (July 7)

From July 5th to July 7th, 2023, the 13th China Auto Forum, hosted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, was held in Jiading, Shanghai.

Theme: “New Era, New Mission, New Momentum – Assisting the Construction of a Modern Industrial System,” this forum featured a series of events, including one closed-door summit, one main conference forum, 16 thematic forums, and several product launches, exhibitions, and promotional activities.

The aim was to gather various stakeholders, foster a consensus for development, and contribute wisdom and strength from the automotive industry to the construction of a modern industrial system.

Moderator: Huang Shan – Founder of the Gigawatt Research Institute

Dialogue Guests:
Wu Xiaoyuan – Senior Engineer at Tongji University’s Automotive College
Dou Yinzong – Hezhong New Energy Automobile
Li Li – Senior Partner at GLy Capital Management (Geely)
Ye Liang – Industry Leader Partner of Advanced Manufacturing and Mobile Travel (Automobile) at EY China
Fan Jijun – Chairman of Zhejiang Yonggui Electric Appliance
Huang Zhiming – Chairman of Shanghai Zhida Technology Development




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